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City Council Forms

  1. Public Comment Submission

    Please use this form to submit public comments for a City Council or Charter Review Commission meeting.

Community Affairs Forms

  1. Board and Commission Application

    Boards and Commissions with current openings are indicated below. However, all applications for consideration will be kept on file for... More…

  2. Submit A Veteran Photo

    HONORING VETERANS During October, event organizers request submissions of veteran photos, including name, service dates, and branch of... More…


    Do Not Knock Registry Form

Public Service Forms

  1. Fats, Oils, and Grease Report Sheets

    Printable Fats, Oils, and Grease Report Sheets

  1. Backflow Test Report Form

    Printable Backflow Test Report Form

Report a Problem

  1. Let Us Help

    Use our Request Tracker to report your concerns

Utility Billing Forms

  1. Add/Update Auto-Pay

    Add or Update Automatic Payment Information

  2. Cancel Auto-Pay

    Cancel Automatic Payments

  1. Add/Update E-Bill

    Add or Update Electronic Billing

  2. Cancel E-Bill

    Cancel Electronic Billing

Zoning Permits and Forms

  1. Zoning Permits and Forms

    Applications and forms for various permits within the City of Canal Winchester. For further information regarding permit applications... More…