Staff Directory

 Department/Title  Name Phone  Fax Email


   Mike Ebert
 City Council        
   Jill Amos      email
   Will Bennett      email
   Bob Clark      email
 Bruce Jarvis      email
   Mike Coolman
   Patrick Lynch      email
 Vice President
 Mike Walker      email
 Clerk of Council  Amanda Jackson 614-837-6937  614-837-0145  email

Administrative Assistant

 Administrative Assistant Tiffany O'Donnell 614-837-7493  614-837-0145  email

Clerk of Courts

 Clerk of Courts  Bobbi Sumner  614-837-7691  614-837-0145  email
 Community Affairs
 Community Center Coordinator
 Linda Tennison
 614-837-8276  614-837-0145  email
 Events and Communications Coordinator
 Amanda Lemke  614-834-9915  614-837-0145  email

Construction Services

 Construction Services Administrator  Bill Sims  614-834-5109  614-829-7734  email

Development Department

 Development Director  Lucas Haire  614-837-1894  614-837-0145  email
 Planning and Zoning Administrator  Andrew Moore  614-837-6742
 614-837-0145  email
 Administrative Assistant  Trisha Buchanan  614-837-7501  614-837-0145  email

Finance Department

 Finance Director  Amanda Jackson  614-837-6937  614-837-0145  email
 Finance Assistant  Stacey Williams  614-834-5106  614-837-0145  email

Human Resources

 HR Coordinator  Nancy Stir  614-834-5118  614-837-0145  email

Public Service Department

 Public Service Director  Matt Peoples  614-834-5111  614-829-7734  email

Street Department

 Street Department Superintendent  Shawn Starcher  614-524-0163  614-829-7734  email
 Maintenance Technician  Rhett Young  614-834-5100 ext. 208  614-829-7734  email

Technology Department

 Technology Coordinator  Rick Brown  614-834-9970  614-829-7734

Urban Forestry

 Urban Forester  Dick Miller  614-834-5110 614-829-7734  email

 Water Department

 Water Superintendent  Joe Taylor  614-837-5623  614-829-7734
 Utility Billing Clerk  Jessica Lee  614-837-7716  614-837-0145  email
 Water Reclamation Department
 Water Reclamation Superintendent  Steve Smith  614-837-2254  614-829-7734  email
 Water Reclamation Lab  Rob Jenkins  614-834-5100 ext. 202  614-829-7734  email