Bid Notices

Bid Notices for Public Improvements

When contracting for public improvements, the procedures established by Chapter 161 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Canal Winchester shall be followed.

Each Bidder acknowledges that these are public projects involving public funds and that the Owner expects and requires that each successful Bidder adhere to the highest ethical and performance standards. Each Bidder by submitting a bid pledges and agrees that (a) it will act at all times with absolute integrity and truthfulness in its dealings with the Owner and the Design Professional, (b) it will use its best efforts to cooperate with the Owner and the Design Professional and all other Contractors on the Project and at all times will act with professionalism and dignity in its dealings with the Owner, Design Professional, and other Contractors, (c) it will assign only competent supervisors and workers to the Project, each of whom is fully qualified to perform the tasks that are assigned to him/her, and (d) it has read, understands and will comply with the terms of the Contract Documents.